Holly Hunt's Gavin Perry on Singing for the Band: "The Barry White Sessions Are Coming Up"

Genesis 6:4 hints, in that cute, sci-fi Biblical manner that giants might've once roamed the earth. The Cardiff Giant turned out to be a pretty good hoax back in the 1860s, but make no mistake, Holly Hunt's Gavin Perry is neither hoax nor Biblical prophecy -- and he's giant through and through.

A visual artist who gravitates towards a psychedelic patina of vibrant colors, he's a coconspirator with artist/drummer Beatriz Monteavaro in South Florida's Holly Hunt; one of the heaviest and sludgiest entries into the genre of the recent years.

We spoke with him before their much heralded gig last week at Gramps in Miami with fellow heavies Shroud Eater and Black Cobra, and prior to tonight's show at the Bubble in Fort Lauderdale with Death Talisman VII, the Killing Hours, and Manifest Test Subject. We caught up with Gavin about touring, his height, and the ballsy move of releasing a double LP as the band's first album.

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Abel Folgar