Hot, Wet, Mermaid Trina Mason: "I Am an Aquaphile" (Video)

Palm Beach County's Trina Mason likes walking on the beach and collecting seashells.

But as a mermaid, she also wears them on her breasts.

She refers to her love of underwater performance as "aquaphilia," a loosely defined term that includes a sex fetish for breath-holding and wearing shoes, jeans, and tight sweaters in swimming pools.

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We recently caught up with Trina and found out what she likes about being a mermaid, the request she gets online, and how to get her to swim at your next party. Wanna book her for a gig? Just call her personal mermaid line at 561-231-0226.

Here's what she has to say about being a mermaid.

"Some people get off on the breath holds, but for me aquaphilia is something different. I just feel comfortable being underwater and I sort of like the artistic view of it. I just feel really comfortable underwater."

"I've been a huge fan of underwater performance since...I remember going to Weeki Wachi and seeing girls drinking sodas underwater in dresses and tails. Mermaids are just something I'm a huge fan of. It's like ballet underwater."

New Times: But even though it might be one thing to you, it might be something else to the people who watch you...

Trina Mason: Yeah, a lot of the comments are about the wet hair, or please extend your breath holds, please wear sweater, please wear shoes...
"Right now I have my breath holds at 2 minutes and 30 seconds and its a serious struggle to get to 5 minutes but I am trying. I think it will be better for doing mermaid performances. A real mermaid can supposedly hold her breath for an hour, so If I give up at 2 minutes, it's not very mermaid of me. I remember struggling at a minute, so it's interesting to see how far your body can go."

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