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Kickstarter: Help Arrange Self-Release New Memory on Vinyl

(Clearly they also lend themselves well to pretty but lugubrious imagery, and it cannot be helped. Go listen to Plantation, our introduction to him, and see what happens to you.)

Since we last spoke to him, Arrange has released the downloadable Five Years With the Sun, an album imbued with an honesty. Pitchfork's Brian Howe elegantly summed it up: "It doesn't sound like a young man hunting for blog buzz. It sounds like a personal search for redemption, or at least some consolation, one moment at a time." Now Lacey is working on New Memory, a release he hopes to put on vinyl with your help.

On the Kickstarter page for the project, there is a sampler of the track list, which we've provided below for your convenience. Even 15-second bits and blurbs reveal that New Memory is a more fleshed-out, mature release. It maintains the best parts of Arrange's signature pained vocals and solid musicianship, but borders on something unusually delicate we can't quite fully conceive. Its first track, "When We Saw," is the only one you can hear in its entirety. You'll see what we mean.

The Kickstarter itself isn't just a means for releasing the album, Lacey explains: "All of your donated money will go to mastering the record for a digital and vinyl release and then pressing that record to vinyl and CD. So, basically this page will function as preorders for the vinyl release." Five dollars alone will get you the digital download of the album; $14 will provide you with the vinyl. 

Arbitrary prizes and rewards don't exist; you're helping Arrange as much as you're helping your own record collection. Of course, if you were to donate more, you'd receive even more of his releases, plus your name in the liner notes.

As of this post, $1,098 of the $2,500 goal has been pledged, with 21 days to go. Get cracking.

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