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Laser Wolf's New Promo Director on Playing "the Douchebag"

Fort Lauderdale's hot spot, Laser Wolf, is surely no stranger to the film world. Having already been the host of a wild and raunchy music video for Death Jam's aptly titled "Death Wolf." The Broward bar has seen its fair share of the nasty and naughty.

So what's a couple gallons of fake blood to them?

In Laser Wolf's newest video promo, we meet some classic loafer wearing, Yelp reading a-holes seeking Sobe drinks. Written and directed by local BJ Golnick, the clip is as bizarre and hilarious as anything you'd expect to come out of a bunch of Fort Lauderdale creatives.

He tells us that he and his long time pals, the Bellus brothers -- owners of the popular bar -- wanted to work together on a commercial for a while. Alas, with Golnick's career in L.A. blooming and the bros' hectic schedule with maintaining the bar, there was a slight delay in the process.

"Finally, a couple months ago, we sat down over a beer at Laser Wolf, and I got a solid feel for what it is that they wanted to get across," Golnick tells us. What was that message? That jerks are not welcome, of course.

And what else to get that notion across but "...a super fucking out there script with wolves, lasers, blood, gore and a chick getting literally covered in blood."

Sounds good to us!

The Bellus brothers loved the idea, naturally, and the trio set out for casting. As the werewolf, their choice came easily. "The first person that came to mind was Don Singleton. Don is a Lauderdale legend in the beer game." Which was important, as the promo highlights Laser Wolf's exclusively craft beer selection, a feature that continues to rein in beer aficionados all over South Florida.

After some skillful special effects makeup, prosthetics and the like, Singleton was ready to be the menace that would protect the bar from all pretentious cretins who enter.

The poster boy douchebag's girlfriend was given to Brittany Butler, an experienced model, who apparently was totally down to be doused in fake blood. What a trooper.

As for the moron himself? "The brothers and I talked about who would play the douchebag for about three minutes before they said "You gotta play the douchebag.'" Golnick admits, "I don't think it was a compliment on my acting skills, I think they just wanted to see me in fucked up blue short shorts, a salmon collard shirt, and wearing a Bieber wig." Which is understandable.

The brothers themselves were featured in the short film, as the bartender repping in a Death Jam shirt, and the gamer who bitterly helps to mop up excessive blood from the bar's floor. "They were really great. I think Jordan is still waiting for his SAG card. Literally sitting by the mailbox as we speak."

The boys were also given the difficult task of crafting the perfect "cheesy, old school, grindhouse style blood," giving the promo a B movie feel. We think they pulled it off well.

As for getting the blood to splash the patrons in as ridiculous a manner possible, Golnick called up his good friend Kane 'the Darklord' Barrie to see what he could do. Bursting through the doors of Laser Wolf, he carried a giant air cannon connected to a compressor, and everything was set.

After eight hours of shooting and two hours of cleaning, the promo was finally released. Check out the guys' work below, and remember, no jerks allowed.

The Laserwolf from BJ Golnick on Vimeo.

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