Local Indie Outfit Alexander Giving Away Album Monday at 1921

Alexander is just giving it away
​Aside from an event Friday evening featuring the cuddly DJ Mig Lauderdale and Rebel that we're very excited about, 1921 is hosting another event worth noting on Monday. Local art-rock act Alexander is giving away new album It's Not Always Signs, It's Not Always Wonders on Monday at 1921 S. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale at an event that begins at 8 p.m.

My trusted source says "Ryan Alexander and his band are going to be giving away the album on jump-drives. Everyone can bring their laptops - there will be 12 jump-drives with a

song on each and everyone can just download music off each other. It's

free but Ryan suggests just emailing a song to your friend. Pretty


According to Courtney at Mood Vane, infectious rockers Goolsby might be on hand as well.


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