Luke Campbell's Mayoral Campaign Endorsed by Rap Journalist Community

On a certain level, it's no shock that people who enjoy chasing the fascinating personalities within the hip-hop community would prop up 2 Live Crew's Luke Campbell in his chase for the Miami mayor seat. The guy knows how to generate a sound bite, and he's not afraid to talk about taxing strippers.

One vocal proponent of Luke's run is the esteemed Ben Westhoff, a writer who arrives within our pages occasionally. Via the Los Angeles hip-hop brain trust Passion of the Weiss, Westhoff makes a valid (and hilarious) case for Miami to pull this already famous man's lever, Jesse Ventura-style.

It's also no coincidence in the least that Uncle Luke is the subject of Westhoff's first chapter of his just-released tome, Dirty South: Outkast, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, and the Southern Rappers Who Reinvented Hip-Hop. Here is a good quote from that book:

"We inspired cats from down here to be their own motherfuckers, to talk like where they were from," he says. "I started this shit, the whole fucking South."

To many readers, that's simply putting the "Yes We Can" idea in the form of real talk -- about two decades before anyone was thinking about Barack Obama. As for Westhoff's own evaluation of Luke's potential mayoral muscle, it took a trip to a Mexican restaurant in Athens, Georgia, to see the man in action. From the essay:

He's a leader; people do what he tells them to do. When he commanded two

women on that Athens stage to begin kissing each other, on the mouth

goddammit, they did not hesitate.

Politics sure can be crude, but here's a man who doesn't need to hide his lascivious deeds -- Luke Campbell, that is. As for Westhoff, you'll have to pick up a copy of Dirty South to find out if any of that dirt got on him.

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