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Mupalia Pictures' Short Film Furca Features Serum, Manifesto, Deaf Poets, and Nastie (Video)

We here at New Times take pride in promoting local talent, and one of our favorite figures in the hip-hop scene is Serum. When he contacted me with this latest venture, I was fairly excited to check it out but was not prepared for the magnitude of local collaboration it entails.

First, the concept is in line with previous efforts like "Afro Pick" and "The Precursor" in which he revitalizes themes of Afrocentrism, corporate paranoia, and suspect spirituality. Secondly, the boom bap is in full effect with Manifesto doing the call and response as well as coheadlining the front half of the new video with Serum as imbedded journalists in some secret society.

This song, "Savior's Arrival," produced by Ekcel Beats, is off their new album, The S&M Project: Hott Waxx, and is available as a free-standing video here.

The second half of the video is the track "Sally" by local garage duo the Deaf Poets from their upcoming seven-inch release. They also fall prey to the machinations of this secret society, which is clearly operating in the forgotten expanses of Homestead, which is nice. We like the look of desolate Homestead marked by the wild-eyed dealings of Nassie "Nastie" Shahoulian doing his best Jim Jones' party mixology for the unsuspecting guests and victims.

Shot between Fort Lauderdale and Homestead, both videos together are known as the short film Furca by local video production company Mupalia Pictures. All in all, a nice collaborative effort by different representatives of South Florida. Ahh, working together is the best!

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Abel Folgar