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My All Time Best Musical Halloween Costumes; From James Hetfield to Bjork

I, like children and crazy people, am obsessed with Halloween. The best thing I bought this year? A big, beautiful green heirloom pumpkin. I brag about it when people come over, make people pet it like a cat. Seriously. It's that kind of obsession. 

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As a small child, my mom's friend, Kathy, made me the most fantastic costumes ever. She was a seamstress for Broadway productions. She created both E.T. (my initials) and Rainbow Brite costumes that children today, who don't even know who these fabulous characters are, would beat each other to wear. They were that good. 

But then for about a decade, I wanted to be a cat. Boring. As I aged, the more I wanted to kick Halloween ass. Like totally overtake it. One year, a tiny leather skirt, purchased at Flamingo Mall, and a decent tan inspired me to become Tina Turner. Ever since, it's been primarily musical costumes for me. I thought I'd share my past ideas with you to inspire your musical getups and offer a few lessons I've learned over many years of screwing things up.

I usually do two costumes a year because whatever I craft, no matter how awesome it is that Saturday night of parties, it falls apart on the actual Halloween day. So, the Tina year, I also was a crappy Cher using a lotta lip licking and an old witchy wig. 

The following year, I got a blonde wig and dressed as Dolly Parton. Man did those big boobs make me look ridiculous. I don't know how Dolly pulls them off, she's so tiny! But the wig also doubled a few nights later as Holly Madison's hair. 

Wigs are great. One year, I was "The Color Purple" and the next Leeloo from The Fifth Element thanks to a purpley-pink bob I bought for a rave once. The color wasn't perfect for either, but the cut was. 

Lesson 1: Not everything has to be exact. 
Lesson 2: Always have a backup plan. 

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