Preview of PG-13's Panther God

Panther God acometh May 1, 2009 Photo Gallery - Photo 2 of 5 by PG-13 is PANTHER GOD__ep drops May 15th!!! - MySpace Photos.jpg
PG-13's a busy man. He put out his debut EP, 7 Songs for my Friends in 2007. Followed it up in 2008 with the debut of his hip-hop project Junc Ops and Silicon Graffiti, the first compilation from his Circuitree Records. This May 1st will see the release of his latest effort, Panther God.

As a teaser he's releasing this 8 minute mix of all the tracks on the record. If you like your beats layered with aural-pleasing psychedelic soundscapes with equal nods to IMD and Hip Hop, then you'll definitely dig this. We'll be catching up with PG in the future (he seems to always be in the future), but this should hold you over.


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