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Punk Band Zero to the Left Explains Their Mathematical Name

South Florida punk band Zero to the Left -- composed of guitarist Joe Gallo, bassist Will Gallo, singer Angel Montes, and drummer Pablo Reyna -- was originally known as W.A.S. in the '90s. The origin of their name derives from the mathematical proof that any leading zeros to the left of a number have no influence on the number's worth. So does that make the members of ZTTL secret mathletes?

"We're not really bright," Gallo clarifies. But did he give us a practical example of their name in action. "The Celtics are equivalent to a zero to the left when playing the Heat in the playoffs."

Originating in the "mean streets of Kendall," ZTTL likes to have some fun. "We like to drink onstage with a pitcher of beer and a few Long Island iced teas," Gallo says. "I guess you can say we're just a bunch of old guys that still like to play live shows." More power to that. The guitarist explains their sound simply as well: "We are a punk band, similar to old California skate-punk-sounding bands." Their influences include Descendants, ALL, Big Drill Car, Propagandhi, and Fugazi, but Gallo credits life experiences as affecting their music also.

But what happened to W.A.S.? "We played for a few years and then pretty much called it quits. I went to play in a band called Better Off Dead years later," says Gallo. "My brother, the bass player, went off to go play in different projects like Milkshed, and the drummer went off to go play for another band called the Monjees. After I left Better Off Dead, I decided to form the old band again under a new name, not W.A.S. but Zero to the Left. The singer we have now was my old singer from Better Off Dead."

Currently in the studio recording their still-untitled EP, Gallo is eager to finish the album, write new music, and play some gigs. Keeping busy is good, though, and they're not letting anything keep them from performing. "This is something that's tough with all of our schedules, but we'll find a way to get things done."

Zero to the Left, the Shakers, and Newguy. 10 p.m. Saturday August 24, at the Poorhouse, 110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-522-5145, or visit Facebook.

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