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Raggy Monster Is Calling It Quits After Kickstarter Project

UPDATE: Luckily, Raggy Monster did not break up. The band is alive and well, playing shows in South Florida and beyond.

In a time where everyone from your youngest cousin to Zach Braff releases their dreams to the world via Kickstarter, what makes one project more back-worthy than the next? Local band Raggy Monster sure hopes the gentle click of your mouse can be swayed in their direction before the time on their Kickstarter clock runs out in 10 days. The female-fronted Palm Beach County band is raising funds for their sophomore album and while simply playing a real part in your local music scene should be incentive enough to donate, the gang is dishing out all sorts of goodies to their fans willing to drop a dime.

While Raggy Monster's second effort is sure to be their most audacious, the reason behind it might be unexpected considering the band's recent success and growing following. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the rumors are true. Raggy Monster is disbanding after recording this current project, what will go down as their final album. There is still time to be a part of local music history and goal-achieving gratitude, and the good news is there is plenty to go around.

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Raggy Monster's goal has always been to make music that people want to play on repeat. So why throw the towel in early? The Seinfeld-esque, premature departure comes as a result of numerous lineup changes and a slowly creeping secondary passion. Singer and pianist Billy Schmidt puts it simply: "We've gone through some difficult times after losing members, and it just feels like it's time to pursue our side-project." That side project is the Whiskey Wasps. An acoustic duo comprised of Schmidt and lead vocalist Rachel DuVall, the Whiskey Wasps have been garnering their own brand of attention by scaling down the full band bravado into a delightful blend of acoustic innovation and head-turning vocals.

The crew has been working for nearly two years on their last album, like a final love letter to the world. To help lend a hand to the cause, Raggy Monster has not skimped on unique, pledge-worthy Kickstarter rewards. You can score a camping trip with the band, a cover of a song of your choice, and even a signed mixed CD of the band's favorite jams.

It's a bittersweet time for a Raggy Monster fan. As we patiently wait for another ear-blasting album, it's a feeling that is synonymous with a band that has grown near and dear to the local scene slowly fading away. And while it's sad to think of the next Clematis Street festival one band short, they are working their booties off to produce an album that everyone is going to love, according to Schmidt. "The setbacks we've endured have actually turned out to have a positive effect on the sound," he notes. "It allowed us to refine it to be something truly unique. It's dark, and droney, beautiful and hectic, powerful and dynamic. I'm proud of it, and that's saying a lot considering how critical I am of myself as a musician."

Help make the new Raggy Monster dream a reality by donating to their Kickstarter.

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