Scraping Teeth: After All These Years, Still the Worst Band in America

In 1993, Scraping Teeth was named the Worst Band in America by


magazine (

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). The myth is that when Scraping Teeth opened for Flaming Lips on South Beach decades ago, the now-famous band refused to perform after them. The only remaining original member of this band of distinction is Rat Bastard, the noise guru and musical godfather of the South Florida scene. 

Last night at Churchill's Pub, Scraping Teeth played for the first time with a new lineup. New members include Beatriz Monteavaro and Gavin Perry of Holly Hunt and Autumn Casey of Snakehole and Luma Junger. The event was the kickoff to the 17-city "Worst Band in America Tour" organized by New Times writer and Roofless Records' Matt Preira. The tour is the first for fan favorites Holly Hunt and will include the ever-awesome '90s Teen and Normads. We caught the band's first song together as a group. Hopefully, it will drive you out of the room, as it did those at Churchill's. They're not called Scraping Teeth for nothing. 

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