Sexiest Style Moments at Hurly Burly and Cupcake Burlesque Battle of the Sexes

Respectable Street was solid packed with tingling sexuality and steamy sticky bods this past Saturday. The night featured fans of both the sensual mistresses of Cupcake Burlesque and the totally natural-type hunks of Hurly Burly. It was a burlesque battle of the sexes, and we have to say, overall, sexiness won out.

The fantastic Cherry Selene and Patrick J. Smash hosted as hottie contenders fought bum and nipple for the win. What follows are our top favorite style moments that were revealed -- oh, so very revealed -- at this burlesque blowout.

10. Flossin'

Boys, remember, men in thongs are even sexier than men in tights. Your grandma could have ended up nude on the stage next to that ass and you wouldn't have even noticed. That bottom hypnotizes.

9. Super Drunk

This sensual superhero took time off from her busy crime-fighting schedule to quench her thirst with booze, showing the crowd who the hottest heroine around these parts is.

8. Piggyback

There's nothing more stylish than wearing your friend as a stole. Werk it, boyz.

7. Jessica Wabbit

Roger Rabbit might want to frame this broad.

6. Rascally Rabbit

All the furries in the place, make some noise! (Crickets) We think Jessica won this fight.

5. Kama Kama Kama Kama Kama Sutra

No hairy-backed dude with saggy tighty whities is gonna beat out with this sultana. With her saber as a hat, she ain't no one to fuck with and a whole lot to look at.

4. Cock-a-doodle

Yes, there's a rooster on that man's private area. Additional jokes are unnecessary.

3. Cherry on Top!

We want the number of her makeup artist. To look as if you were made of wood, or like a living cartoon, is way more interesting than looking like the rest of us.

2. Matchy-Matchy

Some people are gonna look hot in anything they slap on.

1. Your Pain Is My Pleasure

They feel the pain of everyone, then they feel sexy!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.