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South Florida According to Brooklyn: Q&A With Tommy Newman of Murderous Rampage

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​This week I decided to try something new -- an interview. I asked my friend Tommy Newman of Murderous Rampage ten questions about his band. Here we go. Please let me know what you guys think. 

Brooklyn: What bands have you been in around South Florida, and what did they sound like?

Tommy Newman: I was lead singer/ guitar player in Chickenbox. It was a good-times party band, which I grew to hate.

What are Murderous Rampage's biggest influences?

The Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the Syfy channel, Xbox360 Red Ring Of Death, witches, death, mythical and strange creatures, Satan.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

Showtunes! For real. My parents listened to and watched a lot of musicals. I always liked the scores for movies, also, and not just the scary ones.

You have been working the back bar at the Poorhouse for as long as I can remember. What is the wildest thing or funniest thing that you have seen there?

So much shit has happened in that joint, but here is a short story that comes to mind. An older woman took off her shoes and socks, put them on the bar, and walked through the sewage puddle we used to have in front of the bathrooms. She was in the bathroom for a long time so we went to check on her. She was sitting up on the sink sucking her own sewage toes.

You have a band full of talented musicians. What other bands have they played in?

Guitar player Eric was in Basketcase, and along with being in Murderous Rampage, he's currently in a band called Parts Blake. Somesh, the bass player was in Good Life Cycle, and as well as being in Murderous Rampage, he plays bass in Tonight We Kill. Pat C., the drummer, played in the band Terraplane. Yep, we are old.

The past few years, the face of music has changed a lot. What are your thoughts on current music?

I don't know. I pretty much dislike everything. It's all gone to hell. Who cares. Next.

What do you think are the best records that have come out this past year?

Oblivion by Mastodon, and The Dethalbum by Dethklok.

What is the record that you would say has changed your life?

The Dethalbum by Dethklok. I was in Chickenbox and I had all these songs that were "too metal" for the band. Too metal? What the hell does that mean? Anyway. I was putting song after song aside, and idea after idea aside, when Metalocalypse started on Adult Swim. I said, Screw this Chickenbox good-time, party band bullshit. I want to play metal! 

And I quit. I quit the band and decided that I will never do anything with my metal ideas or songs. Two weeks went by and I thought, What am I gonna do? Eat, drink, and shit, repeat? That's all I do! I felt like I was gonna go on a murderous rampage. 

So, that album. That album, think what you want about it, but it lit the fire under my ass to go forward and do it like I always wanted to.

Who is your dream band to share the stage with and why?

I want to be in the back-up band for Beyonce! She is fucking amazing. Or old Black Sabbath!

Finally, what are the five albums you're listening to this week?

1) Juliette Lewis, Terra Incognita. I swear! She is killer! 2) Mastodon, Blood Mountain. 3) Mayhem, Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. This is devil worship black metal at its best. 4) Fantomas, The Directors Cut. 5) Tool, 10,000 Days.

Also, I just got finished downloading off iTunes The Dethalbum 2 by Dethklok! That's all i will be listening to for a while I'm sure. Hails!

Check out Murderous Rampage online at

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