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Stream: Four Dooms de Pop Songs from Ticker

Fort Lauderdale power trio Dooms de Pop's long-gestating album Ticker is slowly making its way to the masses.

Back in June, Monica Uszerowicz caught up with Garo Gallo, the group's frontman and cofounder of the Bubble, to discuss the band's current existence and when we all can grip a hold of one of the most energetic collections of catchy punk fury to come out of South Florida.

"Right now, I'm in the process of working out the graphics with Chuck

Loose of Iron Forge fame," Gallo said at the time. "As soon as the layout is done, it should only

be about a few weeks after that." He went on to mention that an EP with four to six songs would follow soon after.

Anyhow, Gallo has had plenty of projects at the Bubble to keep him quite busy, but let's get this thing to the people! To tide us over until the project is finally released in all its glory, he recently put up four tracks on Soundcloud, which are streaming below.

"General Disarray" is the gem of this batch, and if you've seen the guys perform, its new wave-y blast of exuberance will be immediately familiar. In general, there's plenty from these perkathons that rouses the bones of the dearly departed Exploding Hearts. Here's to leaving us wanting more, but come on and put this out!

tickertracks by doomsdepop

Florida? Yeah! Featuring Dooms de Pop. With a New Way to Live Forever and Pocket of Lollipops. 11 p.m. Saturday, October 29, at Poorhouse, 110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. No cover. Click here.

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