Support Sailboat Bend Artists and Charity at "You Are What You Eat" This Saturday

You are what eat. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Blah, blah, food platitude, blah blah.

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We all know we should eat healthy, whole, unprocessed foods that are not packed with chemicals, salt, sugar, and preservatives. But most of us don't do it. And most every way anyone has come up with to get the message across has been a big ol' fail. So lets stop with the PR campaigns for citrus and the PSAs for whole grains and let art (and music) imitate life so that life can in turn imitate art. 

The Sailboat Bend Artists Loft and Gallery has put together an evening of culture that will bring the message of healthy living to the people in a way that is palatable -- and isn't that the point?

The event is called "You Are What You Eat" and it is a collection of fine art, spoken word performances, and live music with one message: get on green livin' and green eatin'.

Providing the live music are local bands, the Astrokats and Montage. Laurie Palmer of the former act told us how they came to be involved with an art event about healthy eating. "We actually met the organizer after a show we played at Sweat Records in September. We played with James Haitchwai (from DC) and Montage, the other band that's also playing this same event. T.J. Brown, one of the organizers of the event, happened to be there and dug our set so he asked us to play this event."

As far as what to expect from You Are What You Eat? "It's centered around installations and artworks, illustrating how vital it is for a general well-being to maintain a healthy lifestyle by consuming natural foods and 'greener' practices," Palmer says. "We are actually very happy that T.J. hit us up about playing this event because all the members in the band (me, Ryan, and Derrek) are actually all vegetarians, and truly try and live healthy lifestyles."

The event runs from 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 15, the Loft, located at 1310 SW Second Court, Fort Lauderdale. In addition to the art and live music there will be vegan tastings and green fashion. Admission is free but 20% of all proceeds from art sales will go to support the Sickle Cell Natural Wellness Group. Call 954-258-8097, or visit sailboat-bendartists.com.

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