Surfer Blood Downplays Warner Bros. Signing, Streaming Live on Tonight

The 2010 CMJ Music Marathon is now in full swing in New York, which means that it has been a full calendar year since the Surfer Blood blog onslaught began -- detailed lovingly by Arielle Castillo at the time. Now, as the likes of Salem, How to Dress Well, and Glasser attempt to gain traction -- "there's only room for so many Surfer Bloods" -- during the crowded week, our celebrated West Palm Beach indie act is basking in the glow of headlining at Webster Hall tomorrow evening, a prime slot at Pitchfork's #Offline Festival on Thursday, and that recently announced deal with Warner Bros.

Or, based upon a SFStation's recent interview with the band's frontman J.P. Pitts, was the last part a little bit oversold?

SFS: And now you are on Warner?

JP: That's not really true, and it kind of got

blown out of proportion. We're still on Kanine, and we are just getting

some help from Warner. It's a development type of thing, which is pretty

cool because God knows a small indie label like Kanine needs all the

help it can get in this day in age.

SFS: So you're hoping for more exposure through that deal?

JP: Yeah, more money for advertising and radio promo. I think it can really help us take it to the next level.

Part of that next level begins tonight. For anyone who didn't make it to last night's Cake Shop show (these guys did!) -- for the vast majority of South Floridians who are nowhere near New York's Lower East Side today -- is streaming Surfer Blood's performance at the Studio at Webster Hall live at 10 p.m. Tune in to the Live in NYC page to watch.

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