Surfer Blood Gets the Jimmy Fallon Bump (Video)

It's not every day that a South Florida-bred band enjoys the mass-exposure of late-night television, but Surfer Blood will be beamed into millions of homes tonight via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. According to the listings, our West Palm Beach indie rock stalwarts will share the evening with Mark Wahlberg and Jon "Napoleon Dynamite" Heder. Update: Watch the clip below.

Pretty sure both of these dudes will be happy about this musical pairing. "Harmonix" was featured on Walhberg's Entourage

two years ago, and Napoleon Dynamite loves any tune fit for a kinetic

moon boots dance. Pixies-tinged rocker"Miranda," the first single off

the 2011 EP, Tarot Classics, is just such a song!

As an added local bonus, Facebook accounts suggest that Guy Harvey frontman Adam Perry will join the fellas -- and there's photo proof below. Perry will play the song's soaring keyboard part, and if he's wise, he's got a copy of "The Rope" to pass along to ?uestlove.  Show begins at 12:35 a.m. EST on NBC, and we'll update the blog with video of the performance and some reactions from the guys after the fact.

Here is that video:


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