Ten Scariest Looks From Zombie Walk 2013 at Revolution Live

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Hell ranneth over Friday night, as ghouls and the morbidly mutilated swarmed the Revolution Live complex for an evening of all-ages family fun (and some late night drunken debauchery) at Fort Lauderdale's third annual Zombie Walk.

This year's parade of not-quite-post-mortem monsters twisted and turned its way through the closed streets in perfectly organized chaos just after 10 p.m. Food trucks like Ms Cheezious and Nacho Bizness lined the streets to feed the undead. Indie Craft Bazaar vendors displayed their curious oddities throughout Revolution Live, artists painted live art, and resident DJs spun jams for the rotting rioters.

With shows like The Walking Dead dominating the tube, and zombie culture seemingly still peaking, we were delighted to see the highest level of dedication and makeup mastery this year. Here's our list of some of the fiercest, fleshiest, and most fabulous undead folk we found at Zombie Walk 2013.

10. Family Fun Zombie

Nothing makes us go "awww" more than a toddler in a Winnie the Pooh costume, especially when mommy zombie went DIY nuts turning this cuddly cartoon character into an adorable brain hungry monster!

9. Killer Creepy Kid Zombie

This dude's mom is totally going to show this to all his girlfriends when he's older. He gets a million cool points from us.

8. Mime Zombie Duo

What's scarier than a regular zombie, you ask? A quiet one.

7. Robert Smith Zombie Gang

There's no doubt in our minds that these '90s goth kids got turned at a Cure show.

6. Rave to the Grave Zombies

Just when we thought Molly might be the cure to the epidemic.

5. Daryl & Merle Dixon Zombie Killers

Our fav cosplay of the night/life goes out to these two who were, top to bottom, authentically Dixon. R.I.P Merle.

4. Sexy Lady Zombies

Nothing says "eat me" more than a little blood, some killer contouring, and a lotta skin. These ladies wouldn't have made it far during the outbreak.

3. Gone Postal and Holy Father Zombie

Believe us when we say that the camera does not do this couple's look justice. Also in case of zombie apocalypse, don't expect your mail on time. And you can forget about Hail Marys too.

2. Mazel Tov Zombie

Bagels, payos, brains, oy vey! This Rabbi might have the holy chutzpah, but this shlimazel will be shlepping along with the rest of the grotesque goyim. (Too much?)

1. Jesus

No blood, no guts, no gore, just our buddy J.C., the OG zombie.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.