The Ataris' Kris Roe Throws a Temper Tantrum and Trashes His Band's Gear on Stage

Remember the Ataris? 

Yeah, neither do we. 
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OK, we're J/King. Despite our greatest efforts (opiates, hypnotism, sensory deprivation tanks), we remember the fucking Ataris. In case your own memory needs some jogging, here are all of the necessary hash tags: #pop-punk, #emo, #late 90s, #early 00s, #makeoutclub, #sanddimashighschoolfootballrules.

Are we up to speed? Good. Now here's a play by play of the events that occurred Sunday when guitarist, lead vocalist, and all-around main Atari Kris Roe threw a destructive hissy fit while performing in Asbury Park, New Jersey. 

0:00 - 0:05

Our saga begins with what appears to be a coupla bros kickin' out the pop-punk jams. What could possibly go wrong?

0:05 - 0:15
Remember when we asked what could possibly go wrong? When it comes to live music, there happen to be a few things. Here are some of them: drugs and/or inebriated band members, egos, technical difficulties, promoters, the audience, drink prices, and background music preventing conversation. 

In this particular instance, we have a feeling every single one of those factors (and a few we might have forgotten, like bathroom attendants or people holding their cell phones up instead of a lighter) figured into the equation. 

0:17 - 0:31

The official word for Mr. Ataris Himself -- who, BTW, is foaming at the mouth -- is that there is only so much fucking up he can take before it's his responsibility to trash as much gear as possible.

0:32 - 0:37

Which, of course, is a perfectly natural segue into trashing more gear.

After hurling the remainder of (his apparently astoundingly shitty) drummer's kit off the stage, Kris Roe tries to further explain how his bandmate's errors required that he rapidly destroy the man's equipment. Someone heckles, "Rock 'n' roll!" Lester Bangs spins in his grave so fast that his skeleton and fleshrot explodes up and outward from the cemetery's hollow ground in a mushroom cloud of corpse fire.


Here is Kris Roe's and/or the Ataris "response video" to legions of mouth-breathing messageboard sewer people that were like "WTF" when the musician proceeded to completely demolish his and his bandmates' primary tools for composing and performing music.

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