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The Benchwarmers Clique's 8-Bit Hip-Hop of "Robocop"

​Judging from the amount of blunt smoke present and that they appear to have broken into a Home Depot to film this video, I would guess that the Benchwarmers Clique want nothing to do with an indestructible cop who never eats or sleeps. Nor do the feel good sounds of banging, 8-bit boom bap indicate that they had any intention of reviving the once popular jerky and robotic club dance. Instead MCs Travisty and Joka Wild aim to invoke a nostalgia for the classics with a cleverly hooked sampling of the early '90s Robocop 2 Nintendo game (courtesy of producer Jewbei) (as opposed to Kanye West's glossy song of the same name).

Shot in an actual hardware store with B&W security camera style footage, the Clique get to work taking inventory, sweeping floors and making heads nod. Both distinctly voiced MCs turn in solid verses built around an undeniably catchy, gang vocal chorus featuring guest MC Melodik and demonstrate once again why the Benchwarmers are a team worth putting in the game.

Also joining in the fun is a familiar cast of SoFla rap personalities (Saheed, Bonus, Dirty Dem, etc.), a bootleg Jay and Silent Bob and what looks like a horned mexican wrestler in a nice suit. True to theme there's even a cameo by Robocop himself, donning some ill-fitting mechanical body armor!

Check out "Robocop" (shot and edited by Lex One of Wizard Sleeve) and stayed tuned for Adventures In 8Bit: Cartridge 1, an entire album of vintage video game funk promised to drop before the years out.

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Jasper Delaini