The Dewars' "Toys Boise the Boys" Makes Us Miss Them More

We'd like to say that Auggie living hasn't changed the non-conjoined twins. We have to admit, after hearing their brand new tune, "Toys Poise the Boys," it sounds like they've been hitting up the fudge shops on St. George street during the day, and hopping the ghost train in the midnight hour. The result of their migration is a tune that is as uplifting as it is haunting.

Hopefully, Anthony and Zachary have internet up there. If they're reading this, we'd like to tell them: Guys, you've learned a lot up there, please, come back to West Palm, we miss you. P.S. Bring us back some cool conquistador helmets.

As we pine for their return from the land of Spanish moss -- or at least the release of the

Pent Up Joy

EP -- the only contact with them is this slightly schizophrenic new jam. The harmonies sound like a paranoid Brian Wilson hiding from a beautiful day underneath his covers -- or, better still, Syd Barrett inches from the edge. Thanks to the extremely wide stereo separation, sometimes the song sounds like two songs at once.

The brothers promise that "everybody's gonna go insane" - it sounds like they've spiked the Fountain of Youth with LSD. Dudes better hit the road soon.

Toys Poise The Boys by thedewars

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