Throwback Tuesdays--Aaliyah and Beyond

Alright...so as some of you know, R Kelly and his crazy "Trapped in the Closet" series is being released today. I have a tough time supporting that one...mainly because chapters 13-22 offer us nothing that Chapters 1-12 already haven't. Cheap laughs and blah blah. That's not even me hating. Scroll down a few links if you want to read about me venting on R. Kelly. But regardless, the new episodes are in stores today. Instead of going on in depth about it, check out Kelefa Sanneh's write up of it in the New York Times yesterday if you're hungry for info on that one.

But all of this reminds me of how his young girl fetish all began.

It all started with a beautiful Brooklyn via Detroit chanteuse named Aaliyah Dani Haughton. She was the definition of a dime piece and somehow, R. Kelly married her when she was only 15. In a way, their marriage helped both of their careers take off, and here's the song that explained the situation perfectly. I personally didn't fully understand it when the song first came out, but now it all makes sense.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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