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Tipperary Pub

Tipperary Pub

1540 SE Third Ct.

Deerfield Beach


The combination of a hot, greasy, delicious breakfast and lots and lots of alcohol usually goes like this: You drink lots and lots of alcohol until the sun comes up, then you hop over to the nearest IHOP for a hot, greasy, almost-delicious breakfast. That's fun and all, but today I'm searching for a better way to combine these two worlds. In case you didn't already know, Tipperary Pub, a welcoming little Irish-style bar in Deerfield Beach, opens at 7 a.m. Monday through Saturday, and it doubles as a breakfast station. But I didn't come here for the Irish farmhouse breakfast. No, thank you, I don't want blood pudding or Irish bangers (that's sausage to you and me) or bacon that's specially imported from Ireland. Nope, I'm here to sulk. That's right, I'm a Dolfan. And I'm here to soak my football woes in the dark seas of my pint of Guinness, which is one of two beers on draft (Miller Lite is the other). The only way to stomach a Fins game nowadays is with a belly full of liquor. The good folks at Tipperary Pub understand this, and all day Sunday, they'll fill you up with Jäger shots for three bucks and Miller buckets of five for $10. Or, if like me you've given up on football altogether, you can watch NASCAR and even enter a raffle to win a Dale Jr. jacket. But the Tip's not just about football and fast cars. Get your hands on some Irish halos (onion rings) and head over to the shuffleboard table, shoot pool, or log on to the Tip's free wi-fi network for a little research. Thankfully, happy hour is an everyday occurrence here, and you get twofers from 4 to 8 p.m. Stay long enough and you'll see some otherwise respectable individuals singing like banshees on Sissy's Off-Key Karaoke stage (it starts at 9 p.m.). Sing, or be sung to, but just don't jam out to ABBA. Irish or not, this is a rock bar, and they will boo your ass.

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Bryan Falla

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