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Top Scariest Music Videos of All Time

What is it about humans that we just love being terrified? What's the appeal of a panic attack? On the surface, not much; hives, hysteria, and misery aren't sexy to most. But maybe the mystery and unease acts as a doorway to our inner psyche? 

Unfortunately, psychology isn't one of our strong suits, so figure it out for yourself. 

Today, on Halloween, we thought we'd help get you to that dark place whatever the reason is that you need to go there with these, the scariest music videos of all time. 

5. Salem - "Asia"

The VHS-style video for "Asia" still gives us an occasional night

terror. It starts with a young man holding a shotgun, aiming down the

road. He occasionally runs toward the camera full speed from a

distance. There's also a blurred female stumbling around in nothing

but for some very tall shoes. The song itself gets under your skin, so

the video just really pushes you off the ledge. Shout out to the creepy

crew Salem, desensitizing us forever.

4. Daft Punk - "Prime Time of Your Life"
While the message of the video may be thought provoking -- focusing on

the obsession with beautification, youth, and conformity -- the video's

skeleton cast and self-flaying is so intense that it is taken to a whole

other level. Can anyone say gggg-ross? 

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