Top Scariest Music Videos of All Time

What is it about humans that we just love being terrified? What's the appeal of a panic attack? On the surface, not much; hives, hysteria, and misery aren't sexy to most. But maybe the mystery and unease acts as a doorway to our inner psyche? 

Unfortunately, psychology isn't one of our strong suits, so figure it out for yourself. 
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Today, on Halloween, we thought we'd help get you to that dark place whatever the reason is that you need to go there with these, the scariest music videos of all time. 

5. Salem - "Asia"

The VHS-style video for "Asia" still gives us an occasional night

terror. It starts with a young man holding a shotgun, aiming down the

road. He occasionally runs toward the camera full speed from a

distance. There's also a blurred female stumbling around in nothing

but for some very tall shoes. The song itself gets under your skin, so

the video just really pushes you off the ledge. Shout out to the creepy

crew Salem, desensitizing us forever.

4. Daft Punk - "Prime Time of Your Life"

While the message of the video may be thought provoking -- focusing on

the obsession with beautification, youth, and conformity -- the video's

skeleton cast and self-flaying is so intense that it is taken to a whole

other level. Can anyone say gggg-ross? 

3. Marilyn Manson - "Beautiful People"

To say Manson is a shock-rocker wouldn't be fair. Well, maybe not totally fair. His anti-conformist ways have led

him to create some of the most shocking videos to date. The classic "Beautiful

People" represents Manson at his best, with Gothic circus theatrics, and some of the most disturbing shots we've ever seen without actually

showing any real gore or vulgarity.

2. Health - "We Are Water"

This Eric Wareheim-directed video opens on a young girl running through

the snowy woods, her clown-like makeup smeared, a painfully blonde wig

atop her head, and look of severe nervousness. At the 35 second mark,

you see what's closing in on her, and from that point forward, you're

pretty much screwed. The violent climax gives closure to the video, but

the uneasiness will definitely stay with you long after.

1. Aphex Twin - "Come to Daddy"
"I WANT YOUR SOUL, I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!" Um. Can we pass on that? 

These are the scariest lyrics like ever, mostly because of Richard James' aggressive, horrifying delivery. The group of little girls with grown, male faces in this video will haunt you for the rest

of your life. Guaranteed. You're welcome. 

Bonus: Elvira - "Trick or Treat"
The Mistress of the Dark gives off an "almost-tranny" vibe, which has, in turn, spawned a whole slew of impersonators worldwide (like last Friday's performance at Green Room in Fort Lauderdale). While she has always been a little campy, the greased-up male backup singer coupled with the slow-mo trailing dances makes this bizarre video one of Elvira's best and one of the scariest... to those with an ounce of good taste. 

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