Unit 1 Sessions Premieres Sweet Bronco's "Crush Crush"

We've had privilege of introducing you last week to Ketchy Shuby's "Key Elements of Life." It was the first in a series of videos shot live as part of Unit 1 Sessions, Jacques de Beaufort's visual and audio project. At his Lake Worth art space, in collaboration with Reel Tone Recordings, he systematically gathered the area's finest talents and filmed them performing live. It's like going to a concert, but you don't have to get out of bed, no one's spilling beer on you, or panting hungrily by your side, unless you have a dog.

This second in the series is the video for Sweet Bronco's "Crush Crush." Frontman, founder, and most steady member, Chris Horgan, has been around the Broward scene nearly forever. Born and bred in the area, he started playing traditional tunes like "Home on the Range" in preschool. "Somewhere in there, we learned the alphabet," he told County Grind in a 2012 interview, "but it was mostly music."

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Attending magnet schools, studying music theory at University of Florida, a stint in Los Angeles playing keyboard with shoegaze outfit, Eskimohunter, and now working with Unit 1, there's been nothing but melodies for Horgan since those earliest days on this planet.

He admitted, during a time the band was on break, that of all he'd done, he was most proud of Sweet Bronco, calling its sound "disco folk-rock with a message." But before getting the band back together, he experimented with other sounds. With Sweet Bronco drummer Steven Copeletti, Horgan went full power-pop with North Atlantic Space Company and even collaborated with County Grind on our 420 cover song project singing Neil Young's "Roll Another Number (For the Road)" as Cloud High.

With a new lineup, Sweet Bronco finally congealed again. Horgan told us just last year, "I feel like I'll be writing songs for Sweet Bronco for a long time."

Get your "Crush Crush" on with this dreamy, emotional tune.

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