Video: PFM & Iron Ora's "WTFUW4" Was Six Years in the Making

The expression of urgency contained in PFM & Iron Ora's cryptic song title (WTFUW4 translating to What the Fuck You Waiting For) might not have been self-directed when they came up with it, but for two talented rapper/producers sitting on a collaboration six years in the making, it's a pretty valid sentiment. The introductory installment from Pomegranate Sunset, the group's seven-track EP originally written in one 30-hour power session back in 2005, "WTFUW4" is the only song to have survived the past half decade without enduring severe alterations.  

And for good reason: Iron Ora's hypnotic arrangement of dreamy xylophone and punchy, clock-ticking percussion make for such a solid slice of '90s-influenced, space-jazz rap, it's hard to imagine it being improved upon. PFM's lyrics, strung together in a fragments-of-consciousness style, communicate a strong sense of self that's poetic yet relatable and stays interesting, even in its sillier moments like "I know you killed Kennedy, the mega-nerds told me."

The video, filmed and directed by Jose Del Rio (Hungry Ant Productions), does an expert job paralleling the overall feel of the track. Shots capturing the subtle artistry of natural lighting mesh with cityscapes, the great outdoors, and some pretty random ass footage to create a flickering collage of mortal debris.  

Their label, the Miami -ased Hoverock Records -- which recently dropped "Dark City Dos" from Atom's Family member Jesoneart -- have the full Pomegranate Sunset EP slated for release before the end of the year. In the meantime, enjoy "WTFUW4".

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