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VIDEO: Relive the Magic at the Inaugural, Sold-Out Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

In the words of New Times reporter Kat Bein, Holychobee, guys! Whether you were a seasoned camping veteran, a first-time festgoer, or nursing a serious case of FOMO from afar, let us assure you the transition back into real life after last weekend's inaugural Okeechobee Muisc & Arts Festival in Sunshine Grove has not been an easy one.

While an incredible lineup featuring everyone from Mumford and Sons and Kendrick Lamar to Robert Plant and Skrillex kept us Okeechobeings on a dynamic and literally nonstop musical journey over the course of the festival's four nights, it was the overall experience — the camping, the art, the beach, the costumes, the nature and weather, the yoga and spirituality, and of course the smiling, chilled-out people from all walks of life — that made the festival the magical bubble in space-time it was.

Of the 30,000-plus attendees at the event, officials counted only 70 nonviolent arrests and 14  injuries (none critical) throughout the weekend. If you still need convincing of the fest's unmatched posi-vibes or just want to relive the magic, check out our video coverage above, in which reporter Kat Bein takes to the dirt roads and immerses herself in all the sparkly madness. As one fan accurately sums up, "The vibes are so good it's like a Brookstone massage chair."

Until next year, Okeechobee!
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