Video: Sleigh Bells' "Rill Rill" Sheds Some Blood

Apparently when Sleigh Bells isn't using Derek Miller's guitar work on a track, he might as well be dead. Anyhow, that's the implication in the "Rill Rill" clip, another great single from last year's Treats, that just popped up. How far can he fall after the fiery triumph of "Infinity Guitars." In some Pulp Fiction-style fragmented storytelling, we begin as singer Alexis Krauss dumps Miller's "corpse" out of a moving Trans Am in the desert and then tosses his guitar shortly thereafter. Later, there's the back story, which reflects the oft-tortured experiences of high school. I want to get my yearbook photo taken with a raven, or I'll cut you.

Watch below, or else!

Catch Sleigh Bells at Grand Central April 30.

Sleigh Bells, Saturday, April 30, at Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave, Miami. Tickets TBA. For more info, visit  

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