Video: Watch Mama June Get Weird at a Pompano Beach Strip Club

It was a headline that made a nation collectively tilt its head like a confused puppy: Mama June to Appear at Florida Strip Club.

What? When? How? And, most of all, why do we care?

These questions remain difficult to answer, but the universe doesn't slow down so you have time to comprehend it, and — whether you liked it or not — this past Saturday, Mama June made her appearance at the Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club in Pompano Beach.

A modest crowd came out to observe Mama June on Saturday night. What exactly they were observing is still not clear. Mama June took pictures with some fans, groped a horse statue, danced briefly with strippers, and even got on stage and sort of bumped into the pole like a cornered Roomba. But she spent most of her time just kind of sitting there and eating.

And who can blame her? Crazy Horse does have an impressive menu that boasts tasty items like filet mignon sliders ($15); Sicilian meatballs ($9); lobster mac & cheese ($10); a selection of flatbreads ($11-14); a Crazy Horse burger ($7); a pulled pork burrito ($11); and more.

Check out our video above to see the bizarre scene for yourself. And start taking bets on what strange character Crazy Horse is going to book next. Our money's on Crystal the capuchin monkey from Night at the Museum.

Video by Adam Hendel.

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