Vince Neil's mugshot
Vince Neil's mugshot

Vince Neil, Motley Crue Frontman and WPB Bar Owner, Arrested for DUI

When you write a song called "Dr. Feelgood," you have to be careful: From then on out, anything bad that happens to you is ripe for puns by late-day reporters (hello there). So, ready for it? Motley Crue frontman and part-owner of Feelgoods, a West Palm nightclub, was arrested in Las Vegas early Monday morning and charged with drunk driving. He must not be feeling so good.

Particularly because Neil has a history of DUIs: In 1984, Neil drunk-drove into another car, killing his passenger, musician Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley, and

injuring two other people. Neil pleaded guilty to DUI and vehicular

manslaughter, but only passed 15 days in prison, instead paying

millions to victims and logging community service.

Open since 2007, Feelgoods

Rock Bar and Grill is a semi-pricy, snakeskin-lacquered establishment

on Clematis in downtown West Palm Beach. Because, after all, this is rock and roll, the bar is closed on Mondays and could not be reached for comment by us suits.

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