Volkswagen A-ha Commercial Inspires Thoughts About Adulthood and the Passing of Time

I can't fight this feeling any longer, and yet I'm still afraid to let it flow.

The year is 1985. The place: a South Florida suburb. My perennial battle with acne vulgaris is breaking bad. I sit alone in my four-cornered room listening to Madonna's Like a Virgin LP, playing with my Rubik's Cube, eating Nerds candy, and fantasizing about Punky Brewster.

"You're so fine, and you're mine. I'll be yours, till the end of time." I ride my Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso skateboard to the video arcade for my Q-bert and Robotron fix. I am young, wild, and free! Smartphones and the World Wide Web are still just concepts that you may have caught a glimpse of in a movie that ended up on Mystery Science Theater 3000: "Captain, the gray aliens we are battling have mobile transmitting devices with internal video cameras!"

Additionally, a cutting-edge television channel shows nothing but music videos 24/7. If you were to tune into this state-of-the-art happening called "MTV" in the glorious year of 1985, you would certainly recognize a breakthrough conceptual piece called "Take On Me" by Norwegian pop group A-ha.

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Jason Handelsman