Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain
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Want To See The World's Largest Guitar Smash? Go To Hard Rock Wednesday Evening.

A smash of 2,400 guitars to inaugurate a gigantic new parking garage while simultaneously gifting non-smashed guitars to area schools and providing jobs to locals -- that sums up Wednesday night at Hard Rock. Say what you will about the place, but this is pretty cool. Also, Huey Lewis and The News is playing. Pumped yet?

The 2,400 guitars are not "musician quality." They're the cheapest guitars available -- less than $20 each, but in order to become a world record, they must be functional. But this event is not a complete waste of the instruments-- the smashed guitar pieces will be used for art projects at the Ann

Storck Center of Plantation, where adults with disabilities will create

artwork that will be available for purchase as "Smashed GuitART."

Additionally, Hard Rock will donate $50,000 worth of guitars to the music programs of local schools -- far more than the casino spent on the crappy guitars for the smash.This

all amounts to a very community-friendly use of materials, the musical

equivalent of head-to-tail eating, an especially unusual mark of

sustanability at a behemoth casino.

A representative from the Guinness Book of World Records will be present to verify that the smash is indeed the world's largest...ever. Local celebrities, VIPs, media representatives and Hard Rock customers will do the smashing, according to a PR rep for the event. So, here's your shot at that rock-star moment you've had dreams about since childhood.

This event marks the grand opening of a 2,400-space parking facility, a $50 million construction project that brings total parking capacity to 12,000 spaces -- that's a LOT of gamblers!

If you would like a more basic sensory explanation of what  to expect Wednesday night, see here:




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