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Wednesday Blog Watch: More on Alligator Alley's Closing, Fresh Basil Crew Wakes Up, and More

Cop this new mix from Sweet Dick Vega on the Fresh Basil Crew blog.
*While Crossfade attended the Friday-night edition of Alligator Alley's closing party, Mood Vane went to the Saturday-night jam, featuring Stonefox. Check out a couple photos, a bittersweet recap, and a little local-scene name-dropping here.

*I had high hopes for the Fresh Basil Crew blog when it started, with its clean, bright layout and interestingly curated music selection -- but then there was a period there of almost two months with no update. I guess Mr. Sweet Dick Vega woke up and took over the thing, because thankfully in the last few days there's been some activity again. Check out his latest DJ mix here; it's got new tracks from Chromeo, Miami Horror, and Kid Cudi.

*Another blog for which I have high hopes: The South Florida Punk Scene promises to be a clearinghouse for underground show info, from Miami on up to West Palm. That's ambitious, btu so far it's got listings for events that happened everywhere from Churchill's in Miami to Zoo Bar in Broward to some random place in Lake Worth. The underaged should take note, most of the things listed here are all ages, or at least 18-and-over.

*Holy crap, a rhyming requiem for emo, over on the Rhythm Scene.

*And, random visual delights: At UpnUpDaily, check out some pretty-sunlight, meditative shots of hip-hop hype man extraordinaire Spliff Star.

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