Adam Hasner Joins West in Mindless Bashing

With the rhetoric coming from Allen West and Adam Hasner, it seems only a matter of time before they start talking about protecting our precious bodily fluids against the Muslim "infiltration."

Hasner, likely U.S. Senate candidate and former Florida House majority leader who represented parts of Palm Beach and Broward counties before being termed out in 2010, addressed the Broward Republican Executive Committee last night, giving a grave warning about "Sharia-compliant Islam."

"We all know there are peaceful Muslims, but the reality is there is a doctrine of Sharia compliance that is intending to destroy the West and that takes place in foreign soil, and now we're starting to see some of that infiltration in the United States," Hasner said in an interview with Shark Tanker Javier Manjarres.

And don't we already know that there are surely terrorist cells in the United States? Just surely as we know that the federal government, under Obama, is putting massive resources into shutting them down? Aren't the real cowards the ones who harp on the same old fear-mongering instead of trying to find solutions or at least something constructive to say?

Hasner's speech was timed perfectly with Chan Lowe's cartoon, at right, and blog post aimed at "vindictive, xenophobic, paranoid, isolationist, racist, willfully ignorant" politics coming from the right wing. Specifically, Lowe questions the planned hearings this month led by Republican Congressman Peter King of New York on the "radicalization" of Muslims in the U.S.

With the revolutions now ongoing in Egypt, Libya, and other countries, might it be best to focus on trying to help the fledgling democracies spring from the ground in the right way rather than ginning up more war? It's just a thought.  

-- Inside, breaking news on the crime wave hitting Broward's athletic and little league parks.

OK, maybe "crime wave" was overstating it, but anecdotally, it doesn't look good. In the space of 12 hours, I personally received two emails about rashes of breakins at the athletic parks I sometimes frequent: Mills Pond and the Plantation Athletic League ball diamonds.

Here's the one I received today from Mills Pond:  

We have had two car break-ins the last two Sundays. We haven't had car break-ins in awhile but it seems they are targeting cars that park on the open grass area by the batting cages. The park rangers and police are aware and are going to provide more of a presence and surveillance. Please make sure all teams keep their valuables out of site. Hopefully they will catch the thieves. -- Mills Pond Park

And from PAL:

Parents and Coaches,

Do not leave valuables in your cars during team practices and games at all parks. We have had recent break ins at our parks. This includes some of the smaller parks like Fig Tree. Please be aware these vandals will smash your window to gain access to your vehicle to grab a purse, cell phone, laptop, camera, radar detector or GPS.

Thank you,
PAL Baseball

It's a sad thing that you have to keep an eye peeled toward the parking lot while you or your kid's playing on the field of dreams.

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