After Wild Debut, Daer South Florida’s Dayclub Keeps Buzzing

Daer South Florida is not cheap, but you'll definitely have a good time at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood's new dayclub.
The Chainsmokers play for a massive crowd on Sunday, November 3 at Daer South Florida.
The Chainsmokers play for a massive crowd on Sunday, November 3 at Daer South Florida. Photo by Jesse Scott
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Sure, we can all chug a bunch of tequila, Coronas, and White Claws and then hit the beach anytime. But here in paradise, we need a little daytime variety too.

Daylight partygoers now have Daer.

The multifaceted Daer daylife/nightlife entertainment concept officially opened over Halloween weekend with a string of wild happenings and guests, including a costume contest with $50,000-plus in prizes as well as world-class DJ sets by Tiësto, Dillon Francis, and the Chainsmokers.

With the glamour of a successful, star-studded opening weekend in the books and the confetti officially settled, the big question lingering was: Can Daer keep this momentum going?

To answer that question, simply glance at the schedule for the very next weekend (Sunday, November 10), which saw a visit from Australia’s progressively house-y, high-energy duo, the Stafford Brothers.

In a nutshell: You can have a damn good time at Daer’s lushly landscaped and blue/green-infused dayclub basically any time you want.

There were some major differences between Daer’s opening weekend and the following weekend. The biggest: There was a fraction of the people (one-fifth? one-tenth?) for the Stafford Brothers versus the giant twerking amoeba of partygoers for the Chainsmokers and even larger energetic mass for Tiësto.

Because of the magnitude of its opening-weekend acts, this was to be expected, even though the Stafford Brothers' inflatable yellow and green kangaroos and streams of champagne stemming from popped bottles won over quite a few folks.

At its core, and regardless of who may be spinning onstage, Daer has the aesthetic goods.

If you’ve ever experienced a bumpin’ Las Vegas dayclub or even a bass-fest of a pool party in Miami, Daer is right up there. With an expansive shallow pool, more than a dozen shaded and TV-festooned cabanas, and turquoise daybeds appearing to float on the pool’s outskirts, it’s easy to get enamored of the Daer experience. Adding to its charm, some folks even watch the Daer happenings from the basically adjacent Lucky Street Garage — the Stafford Brothers even gave those folks a shout-out Sunday.

There will always be something or someone to gawk at, too, whether it’s the spot’s massive 40-foot LED screen, beautiful server-models (sporting white-and-turquoise getups), dancers atop boxes by the DJ booth, or the random drunk person twerking in front of everyone.

And if you don’t see that drunk person anywhere, maybe it’s you.

If you are dancing around, just be careful: Things are wet (duh, it’s a pool), and it’s pretty slippery outside the main pool area. You might want to wear footwear with some traction if you plan to really get down. But there will always be a nice lady or gentleman who comes to squeegee things dry. God bless them.

Daer is not cheap: Cocktails run at or around $16 a pop, and a beer is in the $8 neighborhood, aside from the bottle prices and minimums that can come with booking a daybed, table, or cabana. General admission can start around 20 bucks, depending upon the act and/or occasion, and the pricing is generally tiered based on demand. But if you’re accustomed to this lifestyle, none of this should be a shocker.

On the docket for Daer in the coming weeks are sets by Borgeous (November 16), Laidback Luke (November 17), and Cash Cash (November 30), among others. All of those acts will surely bring a unique brand of pump-uppery.

And with Daer as the setting, you'll definitely have a good time.

Daer South Florida. 5700 Seminole Way, Hollywood;
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