Allen West Apologizes to the Country on the House Floor (Video)

Rep. Allen West took about 14 minutes to speak on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday, apologizing to Americans for not really being able to do anything.

Right after his apology, though, he made it clear it wasn't his fault. But he's sorry.

"As we enter the final days of 2011 and approach the end of this first session of the 112th Congress, I must take the time to offer an apology to the citizens of the 22nd congressional district of Florida and to all my fellow citizens across this great nation," West said. "It is not because we haven't changed the conversation here in Washington, D.C., but because I would have hoped our exertions would have been, as a collective body, a bit greater."

West complained about the failure to pass the balanced-budget amendment, not spending enough time at Capitol Hill, and -- of course -- President Obama.

"There is no leadership emanating from the White House," West said. "Instead, we have policy-by-election-cycle sound bites, but the purpose is just to get reelected."

On that note, we'll mention West sponsored seven bills in his first term, and the one regulating color copies in the Department of Defense is the only one that's passed the House.

Anyway, he sounds really sorry about all that.

Here's the video:

West, Christine O'Donnell, Rick Case, and others are expected to show up at the Broward Republican Executive Committee's "holiday" party in Plantation tonight.

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