Allen West has an interesting fundraising strategy -- while it could be paraphrased as "I said something asinine please give me money," he actually says, "I need you to stand with me against attacks from the liberals and the distortions of the corrupt liberal media.  Everyone who stands with me in the next 48 hours by making a contribution of $10 or more will receive an 'Allen West for Congress' bumper sticker."

Allen West Campaign Contributions: More Than Half From Outside Florida

It should be pointed out that the corrupt liberal media did not go to a town hall and say there were "78 to 81" members of the Communist Party in Congress. It likewise wasn't the corrupt liberal media that went on Mark Levin's radio show and lied through its teeth about "progressives." But West is under siege! And your money will fix it!

In any case, it's working: West is rolling in dough.

Newly released campaign finance documents reinforce West's national appeal to political donors, who gave more than $1.8 million in contributions between January and the end of March. His campaign is required to disclose the donations of anyone who's given more than $200 to the campaign -- and their records show that this guy is popular all over the place.

West received donations from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands, with more than half of his itemized individual donations coming from outside the state. Of more than $906,000 in itemized individual donations, only $419,457.72 came from West's home state. California was the next-largest donor state, with $56,912 in contributions, followed by New York with $54,928. Texas was third, with $40,266.

Documents also require donor occupations to be disclosed:

--164 donations from those claiming to be homemakers that totaled about $67,000.

--121 donations from physicians for $25,723.

--1,934 donations from retired people totaling $312,082.76.

Here's a handy map of all those out-of-state contributions. Click on it to play around with the numbers:

And here's a pie chart that shows the distribution:

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.