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Atheist "National Registry" Impetus Sending Atheists' Email Addresses to "Christians Only"

Thanks to a reader tip this morning, we've discovered that Michael Stahl -- the Florida pastor who devised the plan for "The Christian National Registry of Atheists" -- is now sharing the email addresses of anyone who's emailed him to say how crappy his idea is.

"Pastor Mike" is offering to print out and mail copies of each of the emails for free but warns that it's "for Christians only."

Since we wrote about Stahl's brilliant idea a few days ago, he's since made his blog private -- but Google has cached that for us. all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I will give you - free of charge - those e-mails and related info, as well as the complete unedited full e-mail messages.

All you need to do is e-mail me with a physical address to 'snail mail' them to you, as I am in the process of printing them out and will mail them in a manilla envelope, and will also send more to you as I continue to receive them.

The hitch there is that you have to go through Stahl's Christian verification process to acquire the emails, since "too many of these atheists are simply NOT HONEST, hence, they will send me e-mails alleging to be 'Christians.'"

In your e-mail request for them, send me a phone number where you can be reached, I'll then set up a time to call you, or you may simply send me the phone number of your pastor / church who will verify your identity as a Christian.

After you email Stahl -- allegedly at [email protected] -- and verify your Christianity, he'll send the updated atheist email package for free, although he says he'd appreciate a donation via PayPal "if the Lord so directs you."

Stahl says most of the emails are from readers of "Satan-led blogs," and we'll provide you with an example of one included in the set:

You are one ignorant man. I'm stunned by this. No, you great fucking fool, I'm not ashamed of who I am, and everyone who knows me knows I am an atheist and damned happy to be so. It's simply self-preservation. I have zero desire to be witnessed to you by your cult, nor do I wish to turn this country into one where atheists are grouped in with felons! I hope one day you wake up and realize how sick and twisted this idea of yours really is.

Don't bother e-mailing me back. Your disgusting thoughts are or no consequence to me and will go unread.

Sounds like the work of the devil.

Here's one last tidbit of advice from Stahl on what to do once you receive your atheist email package:

These will be YOUR PROPERTY, as I am giving them to you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to copy, distribute in your communities / churches, etc, and to do with them as you wish.

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