Big Brother Reality Show a Breeding Ground for Drug Conspiracy

Truth is stranger than fiction and reality shows are always more interesting when the cameras go dark. That's definitely the case with Big Brother, the execrable CBS show that forces an obnoxious group of people to be imprisoned within a camera-filled home. The winner of Big Brother 9 was Adam Jasinski of Delray Beach, who is now doing far more interesting things with his time, like allegedly buying a bunch of oxycodone from housemate Matthew McDonald.

McDonald hired a Jackie Chiles-like attorney, James Cipoletta, who spins golden quotes that make it sound like he wants a reality show of his own. In McDonald's defense Cipoletta said:

"He and Mr. Jasinski were on the reality show together. Federal court is the ultimate reality show, but the information given to the government is pure fiction."

McDonald gave a not guilty plea this week. Jasinski gave his own not guilty plea last October. No word on when this reality show will debut to an audience of nine.


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