Boca Man Commits Pint-Sized Fraud in Kansas; Earns Super-Sized Sentence

As every other movie attests, being an FBI agent is exciting! Except in a place like in Wichita, Kansas, where crime-busting business is so slow that agents apparently have time to take their investigative leads from their fax machine. And that's how they met one of your Boca Raton neighbors, John Persaud.

We introduced you to Persaud, the sales director for Prudential Business Services, Inc., a few months ago, but he only recently has been sentenced by a Wichita judge: More than seven years in the federal pen.

Tough break. But I suppose that Persaud is a victim of fraud relativity.

Call up the FBI in South Florida and offer to give them a lead on a shyster who -- like Persaud -- may have cheated investors out of roughly $4 million over the course of four years. The agent's liable to say, "Call me back when it reaches $4 billion -- that's with a 'B.'" Click.

Then he dives back into the Madoff file or into another Rothstein bank statement.

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