Boca Man Takes KKK Flag Down After Wife Makes Him

Remember that racist in Boca who brazenly flew a Ku Klux Klan flag, along with a Confederate flag outside his home and was all, nobody is gonna make me take down this flag because white people need to stop marrying black people! and was invoking his God-given right as an American to do so?

Well, looks like his rights pretty much begin and end with not so much God or America but with his wife, because she made him take the flag down.

And he did.

Even racists have to answer to their ol' ball 'n' chain, eh, Goebbels?

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The man, who identified himself only as Mr. Hayes, brought media attention on himself after he put up the hate-monger flags, along with a noose outside his mobile home. He also placed a "Members Wanted" sign outside and reportedly passed out KKK literature to neighborhood kids to recruit them to go all David Duke on the rest of the world.

Hayes was brazen about not only flying the flags but about how he would not bring it down.

"Hey, nobody stops the Puerto Ricans from flying their Puerto Rican flag or the Jews from having their yarmulke or whatever it is in the holidays," Hayes said on Wednesday. "I mean, everybody is entitled to do what they want to do. That's what this country is all about -- freedom of speech."

Everyone is entitled to do what they want, unless the Missus puts her foot down.

And so, on Wednesday night, the flags came down after Hayes' wife, Marla Curley, told him to do so.

Curley said she had grown tired of the negative attention her husband had been bringing them.

Yes, because his being a raging racist was one thing, but negative attention is where the line is drawn!

Curley also dismissed the noose as merely a "bad joke," but she did apologize for Mr. Hayes and all the racism.

"I apologize for my husband putting that up," she told the media.

Hayes himself is refusing to apologize, because of racism. Also because of his freedom of speech and some such thing. Hayes had always called his flags a patriotic duty and even said it brought him positive response.

Hayes had said that the reason for his flags was because too many gay people were getting married and too many whites had been marrying blacks lately.

"As many people know, the white families are producing less children because the father and mother work and you have interracial marriages and gay marriages, so there are less and less white children being born every day," Hayes told Local 10. "So we're against that."

Apparently the only way to stop interracial and gay marriages was to put up a flag from a group most Americans hate and another flag from the side that lost the Civil War.

Meanwhile, members of the Anti-Defamation League of South Florida came out and publicly condemned Hayes' flags and noose.

"What he's displaying is hate, and there's no comparison between the two," said Yael Hershfield, of the Boca Raton ADL.

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