Boca Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Strikes Again With Chainsaw-Massacre Gag

Boca Raton resident and all-around internet sensation Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has struck a viral nerve once again with a gruesome and terrifying chainsaw-massacre prank.

The 22-year-old Russian prankster, whom New Times profiled last year, has taken his pranking ways up a notch by fooling poor unsuspecting people into thinking they're not only witnessing a horrible murder by a chainsaw-wielding maniac but are then going to be victims themselves.

The new video has already garnered 24 million views on his VitalyzdTv YouTube channel in just a few days.

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The latest video shows an unidentified man cutting another man in half inside a parking garage. The victim, played by an actor who was born without legs, pulls himself on the floor as he's trying to escape the chainsaw-wielding maniac.

When unsuspecting bystanders walk by, they see the murder taking place. The maniac then chases them with the chainsaw.

You can view the video below (warning: It's kind of graphic).

The Russian-born Zdorovetskiy, who now lives in L.A., has amassed a huge following on his YouTube channel as well as his Facebook in the past two and half years of doing his over-the-top pranks.

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Some of his videos feature Zdorovetskiy teaching people "how to pick up black girls" and "how to get girls to kiss you."

He first gained notoriety when he put together a Miami Zombie attack prank that went viral not long after the verbal real story broke of a homeless man being attacked and bitten in the face by another man in downtown Miami in 2012.

"People used to call me racist for always punking black people, but they always just gave me the best reactions," Zdorovetskiy told New Times in 2013 when explaining the Zombie Attack prank video. "Black people tell you what they really think.

"This is my full-time job," he added. "I have to keep it up."

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