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Boca Psychic Matchmaker Ambushes Strangers to Find People Love

If you're on Tinder or Grindr or eharmony looking for love, you're probably doing it wrong. What you need is someone to feel out the romantic connection vibes for you and then badger random strangers on the street to make your love connection.

That's what Boca resident Deborah Graham is all about. She's a psychic matchmaker and has her own TV show debuting tonight on TLC. 

For her show, Psychic Matchmaker, Graham will meet a new client every week who's tired of playing the field the old-fashioned way by going to singles bars or online dating services and instead trusts someone who determines people's worth through their aura.

Once she gets a feel for who her clients are and what they're looking for, the Psychic Matchmaker hits the streets and basically walks into everyday places like coffee shops, gyms, retail stores, and the park to ambush strangers going about their day in order to match them up with her client.

Syncing up with the psychic energy of her clients, Graham boasts, "I can find a match anywhere."

She then uses her psychic powers to find the vibrations of strangers who are single and looking for romance. Lucky for viewers, the people she happens to find are pretty much always really attractive and easy on the TV viewers' eyes. 

When Graham finds someone she feels good about, she'll break them down like Mel Kiper scouting a draft prospect (which is exactly the same exact thing, when you think about it).

She breaks down a person's aura color and analyzes what that color means.

Every episode begins with a backstory of her new weekly client. In the debut episode, which takes place in South Florida, Graham will introduce viewers to Julie, who apparently has childhood issues keeping her from finding true romance. 

From there, TLC plans to air 12 episodes with a new client every week that includes a guy whose guilt has kept him from finding the right person and a woman who has a nasty tendency to attract the wrong guys.

Psychic Matchmaker will air on TLC every Friday at 10:30 p.m.

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