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Broward GOP: Allen West Needs "More Favorable Treatment" in Redistricting

The Broward GOP has looked at the proposed congressional redistricting map for the state and has come to a realization -- Broward isn't going to have a Republican representative if that map becomes a reality.

That leads to the "call to action" from Colleen Stolberg, the vice chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee, asking GOP devotees to contact a handful of people every day until West "receives more favorable treatment" in the redistricting process.

It's been rumored that West has been "district shopping" ever since the proposed map showed he'd get some extra lefties in his district, but now the situation seems a bit more dire with the frantic message from the Broward GOP.

Among the people Stolberg's asking supporters to contact "every day" are Senate Redistricting Chairman Don Gaetz, House Redistricting Chairman Will Weatherford, Gov. Rick Scott, Republican Party of Florida Executive Director Mike Grissom, and Senate President Mike Haridopolos.

Read the letter from Stolberg below about West being "in danger" (all emphasis is hers):

Congressman Allen West is in danger under the proposed redistricting maps and the Democrats are cheering! Show your displeasure by calling and emailing the people listed below not once but every day until this proposed district map has been changed. After working so hard to get Congressman West elected, we cannot stand idly by and let the Democrats win in 2012. As this proposed district map stands it's likely that Broward will not have any Republican Congressional representation in Congress.
We must Save Congressman West! Call, email and contact everyone listed below until Congressman West receives more favorable treatment in this redistricting process. Make your voice heard! FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!
This is a matter of urgency!
The redistricting map may be voted on in the first week of session. There is no time to delay.  Make your calls, emails, tweets or letters every day!
Colleen Stolberg
Broward Republican Executive Committee Vice-Chair

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