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Broward School Board Sued Over Teacher Who Had Sex with 13 Year Old

The mother of a 13-year old student at Lauderhill Middle School is suing the School Board of Broward County after a teacher at the school engaged in sexual activity with the boy when he was a student in her 8th grade class.

In 2009, teacher Kristin Sullivan began engaging in sexual activities with the boy, who was 13 at the time. The inappropriate relationship included kissing, oral sex and sexual intercourse.

Sullivan entered a no contest plea to aggravated child abuse charges in 2011, when the relationship was exposed by the boy's girlfriend.

The suit claims the boy, whom, the suit refers to as "John Doe," had been left alone with Sullivan several times, and that their sexual activities were done on school grounds. The suit also claims that Joe Doe was a virgin when he met Ms. Sullivan, and that his interactions with her were the first time he had had any kind of sexual relations.

Ms. Sullivan and John Doe would meet at the back of the school's computer office where they would often engage in sexual intercourse before school began. The suit claims this happened on a daily basis.

The suit's most damning allegations is that Lauderhill Middle School assistant principal Antonio Lindsay was aware of the relationship, but did nothing more than reprimand Sullivan without following up, or taking further measures to put a stop to it. The suit claims Lindsay would see Sullivan and John Doe exiting the computer office on a daily basis without doing anything about it.

Furthermore, the suit claims that members of the school's staff knew about the relationship and did nothing about it. One of the teachers allegedly was even aware that the teacher and student would hang out on weekends.

"Ms. Sullivan continued to spend time with John Doe in her classroom alone, take John Doe home from school alone, ply John Doe with gifts and drugs, and take John Doe to other places around campus alone, where she engaged in sexual harassment and sexual acts," the suit further states.

The relationship was also carried out off school grounds, and went on for well over a year.

John Doe and his mother are being represented by sex abuse attorney, Jeff Herman.

The suit was filed Wednesday in Broward County.

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