Broward Sheriff's Office Searching for "Rooftop Burglar"

Just as a heads-up: If someone drops into your Pompano Beach business in the middle of the night through a vent or chimney, it probably isn't Santa Claus -- it's more likely to be the "Rooftop Burglar" the Broward Sheriff's Office is looking for.

BSO spokeswoman Keyla Concepción tells New Times that on at least seven occasions, the burglar has been climbing buildings and dropping down into businesses through vents, pipes, or whatever rooftop means possible.

"He's pretty fit -- has nice biceps," she says. "What I'm getting at is he's pretty strong and is just like a cat -- he just climbs the wall and goes through the vents."

When the El Mariachi Supermarket in Pompano Beach was broken into in early April, the owners turned over their surveillance video of the cat-like burglar -- which not only showed deputies how he got in the business but linked him to the six other burglaries.

What's not-so-smooth about the "Rooftop Burglar," though, is that he manages to break a lot more than he takes.

Concepción says he's taken more than $3,000 from inside businesses while causing more than $25,000 worth of damage on his entry and exit strategies.

If you happen to know the "Rooftop Burglar," a reward of up to a thousand bucks is being offered for information leading to his arrest.

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