Anna Pettersson-Loeb
Anna Pettersson-Loeb
Photo: Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

Candidate's Wife Gets DUI in Boca

She's young, beautiful, and married to a rich heir destined for a career in politics, but if Anna Pettersson-Loeb's friends were jealous of her before, they're not today. By virtue of her husband's high profile as a candidate for Florida Senate, Pettersson-Loeb's arrest on DUI charges is newsworthy. Buddy Nevins got the scoop over at Broward Beat.

It's sad for the Loebs, I know. But look at this way: Most of us who get DUIs don't make news, which means we don't learn as hard a lesson and are more likely to do it again. Also, unlike the Loebs, most of us can't afford to remedy the matter by hiring a chauffeur.


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