Chris Bosh Unleashes His Dino-Vengeance on the Pacers

Chris Bosh kicked the Pacers' asses right through their faces.

In what was his best performance against his bumpy history with Indiana, Bosh managed to come out with a molten-lava-hot shooting hand and buried the Pacers in the Heat's 102-90 Game 4 victory.

In the first three games of this series, Bosh was held to a total of six points by Roy Hibbert.

But something changed in Game 4.

Because Chris Bosh is a crotch-smashing half-man, half-dinosaur who excels at hitting his enemies in the face with a silky smooth jumper.

You know that.

We know that.

And it was about time the Pacers knew that.

After three forgettable games playing basketball like a man with no arms, Bosh was able to shake off all the suck and deliver a bloody succession of shots and dunks that led to nothing but blue and yellow carnage and destruction.

For the first three games of this series, Bosh has had to hear it from the haters, the doubters, and the critics about how he just eats bowls of ass and how he had disappeared when the Heat needed him most against Indiana.

Haters jumped on his back. Doubters bit at him over and over.

And then Game 4 came and this happened:

Bosh came out with his Tall Justice and proceeded to set the tone to what would eventually be a massive beatdown of Godzillian proportions when he hit his jumpers with ease, got the crowd involved, and left the Pacers in a trail of their own bloody stumps.

Bosh scored the first 17 of his 25 points in the first half while grabbing six big rebounds.

The result: The Pacers never led in this game.

And while all the talk from Indiana before the game was about finding the Heat's signs of weakness and getting into their heads, it was Bosh, LeBron James, and the Heat who managed to so entrench themselves into the minds of the Pacers that they're imploding before our very eyes.

Even Pacers Coach Frank Vogel is now a shell of his former self as he tries to keep Shane Battier from hitting a three-pointer by literally screaming at him from the sideline.

After the game, Paul George told reporters that the Pacers had outplayed the Heat in this game.

Roy Hibbert scored as many points as you did.

David West insinuated the refs were to blame for their loss.

And Lance Stephenson, who got into foul trouble and didn't score his first points until there were five minutes remaining in the game, said he regretted nothing after trying to bait LeBron into a trash-talk-a-thon only to get his arms ripped out of their sockets and being bludgeoned into a stupor with them by LeBron himself.

LeBron led all scorers with 32 points, including this face-melting, soul-crushing, coast-to-coast dunk that sent the Pacers and, in all likelihood, their season, into a death spiral from whence they shall not awaken.

But the night belonged to Chris Bosh, who did nothing but shoot 29 percent from the field in the first three games of this series but then went on a world-crushing rampage in Game 4.

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