Cops: Jupiter Mom Arrested for Not Letting Kids Pee -- Unless It Helped Her Pass Drug Tests

Keep drinking, kids. Mommy needs to pass her drug test.

That's the essence of what the cops say 35-year-old Angela D. Henderson was arrested on child abuse and drug charges for.

Jupiter cops say Henderson's kids were texting their father, informing them that their mother shut the water off to her house's toilets and made the kids pee in bowls.

The cops showed up to the house after the kids' father reported the text messages, and sure enough, found nonworking toilets and a trio of Gatorade-chugging kids, police say.

The kids told the cops their mother shut off the water to the toilet and made them down Gatorade bottles, probably so their mother could collect some drug-free pee, according to police.

Henderson told police she turned off the water because the toilets were clogged, but that didn't fly after the cops turned the water back on and found that the toilets were perfectly functional.

She claims she didn't need a drug test, but that's also coming from a woman who allegedly makes her kids pee in bowls.

The cops also recovered several Gatorade bottles that the kids were chugging.

Henderson faces six charges: Three counts of child abuse, two counts of drug paraphernalia possession, and one count of marijuana possession.

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